Organic Skin Care is Luxury Skin Care

Our love for organic food and organic farming has led us to research botanicals that have positive benefits for skin care. Listening to women and the number of skin care problems that they deal with daily encouraged us to produce Nani Pua. We have carefully chosen rare oils that address a number of skin issues. We believe that oils that are produced organically do have higher value not just for your skin & scalp but also for the planet.


Ethnobotany is the study of a region's plants and their practical uses through the traditional knowledge of local culture and people. Quality and relationships with our farmers and all the people we work with are what make our work here at Nani Pua a very meaningful life. We look for raw ingredients that are organically certified and/or Ecocert certified. Smaller, raw- material producers may be in the middle of getting organic certified. We believe in supporting smaller producers. growing with them, and creating lasting relationships.

Skin. Soul. Soil.

Our skincare philosophy centers on organic radiating beauty. Believing that we need to care for our skin, soul, and soil we chose to embrace organic living. We are the caretakers of the earth and it brings us peace. joy, and purpose to do so.

We believe in healing.

Founder Story

Growing up in the New York countryside l always had an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit available from farm stands. At those stands they had honor boxes where I learned about people's good nature and trust.

Summer days were spent at our log cabin (built by my grandfather and local Native Americans) on the lake. Winter was spent in the 500 acre park across the street from our home. Growing up with the changes in the seasons gave me a great appreciation of each season and the abundance and diversity they produce. This created my love of fresh food and nature. My Aunt was a gardener and had a passion for herbs and their medical properties. She shared her wisdom and excitement with me. As a teen would kitchen formulate products for my skin and hair and search for all books I could find on natural skincare.

As a young woman I traveled west and ended up in Hawaii. backpacked around the Islands, researching the beautiful plants and working for the conservation department in Kauai. This is when my passion for botanicals and conservation came together.

Nani Pua Farms building entrance


For the last 18 years we have had the privilege to own and restore the 157 acre Crown Hill Ranch in San Diego. The restoration included removing invasive plants, researching and adding native plants and creating wildlife habitat.

In 2019 have established the Nani Pua Farm on the Crown Hill Ranch property.

Laurie lives on the ranch with her husband Van (and cat Gus).