Ethnobotanical Face Oil Serum

A luxury botanical face oil that provides your skin with extensive moisture and hydration.

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Our founder, Laurie Miller, has been inspired by the power of native plants from each region that she has traveled.

She has formulated the Nani Pua Ethnobotanical Serum from the rarest botanical oils she could find. Our Nani Pua oil serum will give you that dewy brightening glow you have dreamed of.

Our Story

Laurie has spent the last three years carefully formulating the face serum to create a balanced formula for all skin types and skin issues. Our carefully chosen oils will help promote balance in dry skin and calm skin conditions. Nani Pua face oil truly is a labor of love, and we would love to share with you our oil of Joy.

Our hope is that our serum will bring peace to your face and soul.

The sources for the organic botanicals and eco-friendly packaging have been selected carefully and passionately, giving you the true clean beauty, you have been searching for.

Believing that quality does matter and will make a difference in your skin and heart. Our vegan beauty serum is people and planet friendly.

Nani Pua supports organic farmers throughout the world and creates lasting relationships with our growers to bring you the finest natural oils available.

Our serum is packaged in beautiful sustainable glass recyclable bottles and boxes made from post-consumer hemp paper.


Inside the guest bedroom at Crown Hill Ranch

Nani Pua Farm at Crown Hill Ranch

For the past 17 years we have dedicated our hearts and bodies to conservation. On our 157 acre ranch we have preserved our natural resources by increasing wildlife habitat, removing non natives species, planting and restoring native plants. Our true passion is botanical research, native plant medical properties and permaculture. We look forward to sharing our journey with you as we move forward to planting a food forest and growing more botanicals that we will use in our skincare.