Nani Pua Ethnobotanical Serum



Our Ethnobotanical Face Serum is a luxury botanical oil blend that provides your skin with extensive moisture and hydration. Our lightweight texture will help your skin reach the glowing, brightening, look of love you've always desired without clogging your pores. We have chosen 15 vital rare ingredients to bring you holistic beauty that will naturally address a broad range of skin conditions. Our luxury Botanical Serum is formulated into a glass bottle that is beautiful and recyclable.

*Vanilla Infused Jojoba Oil
Vanilla Planifolia & Simmondsia Chinensis Oil

*Sandalwood Seed Oil
Santalum Spicatum Seed Oil

*Oat Kernel Oil
Avena Sativa Kernel Oil

*Prickly Pear Seed Oil
Opuntia Ficus Indica Seed Oil

*Blueberry Seed Oil
Vaccinium Corymbosum Seed Oil

Blackberry Seed Oil
Rubus Fruticosus Seed Oil

*Full Flower Hemp Oil
Cannabis Sativa Oil CBD

*Guava Seed Oil
Psidium Guajava Seed Oil

*Strawberry Seed Oil
Fragaria Ananassa Seed Oil

Elderberry Phytocide
Sambucus Nigra Fruit Extract

*Lavender Essential Oil
Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Oil

*Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil
Santalum Paniculatum Wood Oil

*Kiwi Seed Oil
Actinidia Chinensis Seed Oil

*Frankincense Essential Oil
Boswellia Carteri Oil


Read more about our vital botanicals

How to Use

Gently wash your face and neck with cleanser, rinse.
Leaving face damp, dispense five drops of face serum into your hand and rub hands together.
Gently press serum onto your face for one minute, follow with hydration mist and or moisturizer.

Customer Reviews

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Everything and more…

I read the ingredients before my purchase, but I honestly did not expect it to be this extraordinary. It’s absolutely otherworldly, and my favorite part is that I can catch tiny whiffs of it through the day. It gets five stars on the self care indulgence scale alone, but as a facial oil, it’s also wonderful— not too heavy, not too light. Highly recommended.

Thank you Julianna.
I carefully chose every ingredient for this formula and we also love the consistency and how quickly it absorbs into the skin.
Yes the scent... is out of this world! It's a vacation for your skin.
Welcome to the Nani Pua family!
Enjoy Laurie

Sharon Weber

OMG this is a must buy!! Thank you Laurie, you really out did yourself on this one - I've read the reviews and this product is a must buy ❤️✌️

Thank you Sharon for the wonderful review. The serum has quite the following now and so happy that you love the serum.
Welcome to the Nani Pua family!

The best oil serum

Nani Pua is the best oil serum I have used. Over the past couple of weeks my skin looks and feels better, glowing, and plumper...

Thank you for your beautiful review.
Winter brings dry skin that craves our nutrient rich Ethnobotanical oil Serum.
We love how leaves your skin fully hydrated and glowing!

Enjoy Glowing

Paige huffman
My new favorite!

I just love this new liquid gold I have discovered! Its smooth, light and not greasy; smells incredible and my face is happy too! A great way to begin my day with a spritz of water and I also like it and a nourishing base to my daily makeup! The small vile is perfect for travel too! Thank you Nani newest fan, Paige

Nani Pua Ethnobotanical Serum:
It truly is liquid gold! The butterfly 3ml bottle is the perfect travel size. I keep a bottle in my purse now that its winter and my skin dries out so quickly, instant hydration.
Enjoy and welcome to the Nani Pua family.

Emma Elliott

I have extremely sensitive skin and acne but also very dry. I cannot even put into words how well this works! Doesn’t break me out, nourishes my skin and very gentle! Even seems to be healing some of my acne! Miracle product, everyone should buy!

Emma ,
I also have very sensitive and dry skin. Every product that I used before formulating the serum caused me to break out. I have chosen botanicals that calm, hydrate and nourish the skin. Enjoy healing!